Glass Box

Another new print for this new series! This print came from a very exploratory process. Working with 10 sheets, the process split a couple times and I tried different colors, layers, and combinations. Ultimately it became a varied edition with two versions and a monoprint! I plan to make another post about this decision process and what a varied/variable edition is later but wanted to share the print I was most happy with.

This screen print consists of 7 – 9 layers varying in opacity and includes a varnish layer. Unfortunately it is hard to capture the reflective quality on the surface from a straight-on  photo.

Glass Box EV
Glass Box EV – screen print, 15×21″, 2019 – © grace sippy 2019


FINALLY able to share a new print I’ve been working on since November ’18, titled Coexist. This has been a good exercise in thought process and testing and am happy to say Coexist is the first for a new series. I typically work in series but wanted to challenge myself to make each print related to one another in the series but also being more distinct from one another. This typically happens because I usually set out to learn a new printmaking method and then create a series from that, resulting in a grouping of visual languages that are used in each piece. I also said “no traditional chine-collé, and use color in a way I haven’t used it before”. Anyway, this print also continues my interest in practicing toner drawings in screen printing and is combined with digital inkjet. Below the finished print are process photos–stay tuned for more of the series to come.


Coexist is a presentation of two worlds/realities existing within the same space simultaneously.



Process Photos:

Toner drawing for Coexist
Toner drawing for Coexist
4 layer test screenprint
4-layer screenprint test
Toner drawing figures
Toner drawings for series
toner drawing figures
More toner drawings
color testing
Color testing for Coexist
Screenprint registration
Coexist first layers
First couple layers for Coexist

Fractured Beings: An Internal and Collective Look At Humankind

Please join Agata Derda and I for our opening of Fractured Beings: An Internal and Collective Look At Humankind at the Cedar Ridge Creative Center in Toronto, ON — Sunday January 6th, from 1-4pm. The exhibition comprises of a variety of printmaking techniques, digital inkjet, relief, photopolymer intaglio and screenprint. We will both be in attendance.  We welcome questions and discussion, and most works are for sale. The exhibition runs from January 3rd to January 10th, so mark your calendars and be sure to stop by!

Agata Derda and Grace Sippy promo

2nd Prix Dacos Exhibition in Belgium

2nd Prix Dacos Exhibition

Hello hello! The 2nd Prix Dacos Exhibition (of which I am part of) will open at the La Boverie Art Museum in Liège, Belgium December 20th, and run until March 3rd, 2019.  This is a special exhibition featuring about 20 printmakers aged 30 or younger. Congratulations to Cindy Jugé (France), who was selected as the Winner!

Babé (France), Jérémy Bajulaz (France) , Lucie Bayet (Belgium), Aleksandra Bury (Poland), Céline Capelle (Belgium), Valentin Capony (France), Léo François Luccioni (Belgium), Clémence Godier (Belgium), Marie Helpin (France), Kamil Kocurek (Poland), Sylvain Konyali (France), Cédric Laforest (Canada), Mégane Likin (Belgium), Anabelle Milon (France), Fantine Perez (France), Jelena Petrovic Lukovic (Serbia), Grace Sippy (United States) and Ana Takenaka (Brazil)


In October I was invited to MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) as a visiting artist for this first Monothon event. During this event the artists have 1 week to create as many monoprints/prints as possible. We were each given an assistant (thank you Malia Spellman!) and had technical support if needed. Additionally we had a large supply of RiverPoint Paper to use, and were invited to give critiques and lectures. It was amazing–thank you to all the students, Matt Presutti, Rina Yoon, and Bob Erickson for all your help and hard work in making this happen.


MIAD Monothon 2018
MIAD Monothon 2018 Visiting Artists
Monothon Reception
My assistant Malia and I in front of some of my prints from the week
Trace Monotype
Toner drawing for screen print
Toner drawing for screen printing
Group critique
Group critique



Cave Paper

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 4.55.05 PM
Making Walnut Dye

In the past several weeks I have been interning/working at Cave Paper, located in Minneapolis, MN with Amanda Degener. This small paper studio produces specialty paper, made by hand. This paper is primarily used by artists (especially book artists and binders), and designers. I have been involved in all the basic steps in making paper. The images below are from some rag paper I recently finished, created from rag and blue jeans (hence the color).

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2018 Exchanges

This year I have participated in two exchanges so far. Women, Memory and Psychological Scapes was organized by Heather Leier and Meghan Pohlod, for the 2018 Southern Graphics Council International conference “Altered Landscapes”. There were 16 participants, with an assortment of techniques utilized. These women did a great job organizing the exchange, but also for the prints’ exhibition in several other venues!

Where It Was, I Will Become
Where It Was, I Will Become – Photopolymer Intaglio and embossment, 10″ x 8″, 2018 – © grace sippy 2018


Bastion was the second exchange, in which I created Innate Dual. This was an exchange I organized with my Intermediate Printmaking Students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, perhaps the last printmaking exchange to take place in the Art & Design Department’s printmaking area. There was no theme and photopolymer had to be used. 11 students and myself participated, with one set going into the Print Archive. The students came up with the name Bastion, meaning a fortification, or an institution, person or place upholding particular beliefs or activities.

Innate Dual
Innate Dual – Photopolymer Intaglio, screen printing and chine-collé, 14″ x 12″, 2018 – © grace sippy 2018