Syzygy: A Union of Opposites

My solo exhibition Syzygy: A Union of Opposites is now open for viewing in the Threshold Gallery at Highpoint Center For Printmaking and runs until September 29th! Please join me at the reception on Friday, July 19th from 6:30-9pm. For one night only, the work will receive a 20% discount. There will be food and drink, and also coincide with the opening reception of Hot Off The Press: The 35th Cooperative Exhibition. I always see openings as a chance to engage with the viewer directly and get into some interesting discussions, so it should be a good time.

My current work is propelled by my ongoing interest in psychoanalysis and the figure, while experimenting with methods that are new to me. Syzygy (si-zuh-jee) showcases my work focusing on the union of opposing forces and ideas in the context of theories surrounding identity. Specifically, my visual research focuses on spaces that exist within the psyche and the unconscious, while using the body, mark-making and environment as a visualization of those spaces.

This exhibition was a lot of work (it always is…) but there are almost 20 pieces, all created from October 2018 to June 2019: monotypes, screenprints, and digital inkjet-screenprint hybrids. It all started with a residency/visiting artist gig at MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) I received last October, part of their Monothon 2018 event (thanks again guys!). It was so incredible for many reasons but it was also when I began to experiment with toner wash drawings used as positives for screenprinting.

Toner drawing for Coexist
Toner drawing on mylar for Coexist

Toner is commonly used in laserjet printing both commercially and at the home office. In printmaking, toner is often used in paper lithography (Xerox lithography) and in toner transfers. As a drawing medium for positives, it is primarily used in traditional lithography and photolithography but can also be used in other printmaking techniques such as intaglio. I am not the first to experiment with toner in screenprinting, however I have not seen it commonly used in this way before, so it has been a pleasure to learn, analyze and play with the technique.

4 layer test screenprint
4-layer screenprint test