Commissioned Work

Corcomroe Abbey, Co. Clare, Ireland

This commission was to create woodcut print from a photo from Ireland. Consisting of 10 layers, it was printed on unbleached Mulberry Thai paper. The editioning had two variables, with two in each variable. There was also an AP.

The woodblock (a deep woodgrain), colors and paper were chosen to reflect the experience of being in that place. It is a place of deep history, memory and solitude.




Yosemite Valley

This commission was to create a woodcut print of the famous Yosemite Valley. The edition is variable with 7 prints, was printed on Stonehenge White, and consists of 9 layers, the second and last using a stencil. This print’s colors were inspired by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) posters of the National Parks, created between the mids 30s – 40s. A smoother piece of wood was selected to minimize woodgrain, but still providing some texture.



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