Censored: Unbound Traditions: Four Educational Institutions – An Invitational International Exhibition of Prints

China Printmaking Museum – Guanlan – Shenzhen, China

Invited as a guest curator, Ingrid Ledent from Belgium selected four institutions with print programs from around the world to represent  top quality in printmaking education. The show consisted of graduates from four institutions: Musashino Art University (Tokyo, Japan), Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium), The Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China), and the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada).

The exhibition was held at the new China Print Museum in Guanlan, China between October 16 – November 16th 2015.

I was very excited and honored to be selected to show for the University of Alberta, but our participation was not to be. Due to censorship by the Chinese custom officials, the work from the University of Alberta was omitted from the show. This was extremely disappointing to not be included in this way and was a shame for the waste of time and resources spent.