Mirror series

Mirrors are objects that convey two sides, and show one’s reflection. Conceptually, my images are revealing/reflecting one’s Self image or parts of ourselves that remain hidden. Using motifs of doubling, reflecting, and symmetry/asymmetry in my images also speak to what a mirror means and continue to be visual motifs in my work. In the Mirror series, Rorschach blots were an inspiration to use as a visual element, which of course is a reflection of its own form. Intaglio was a wonderful choice for this series since it capable of a wide range of visual languages. This gives the surfaces and marks needed in the Mirror series a richness and variety. The photographic component in the work came from photo sessions. I am interested in the bathroom and the idea of cleansing deformities, imperfections, and having the figure in a place of privacy and helplessness. All of the work in this series were combinations of digital inkjet on Honen paper, printed on using various traditional intaglio techniques and chine-colléd onto Somerset Satin paper. Between Wake and Sleep required an additional plate to create the embossed marks.


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